Annual meeting – report

We can now put year 2020 to the books and look forward to a new 2021. Hopefully we can look forward to some showing this year. But befor that…. The annualmeeting enticed serveral members and people somehow connetec to the annual meeting.

Thank you to the president of SQHA Moa Nyman to serve our meeting as a meeting-leader. Also we would like to take the opporturnity to thank our past boardmembers for their work with NSBA.
Maria Carlsson as paymaster, Sofie Wedberg as secretary and Dora Göcze as vice president.

The annual meeting elected a new board for 2021.
President – Linda Hansson
Paymaster is a boardpost we didn’t manage to fill and the meeting gave the resposibility for the economics to the board, with the task to try and find someone suitable for the work during the year.
As officers the meeting elected
Christel Svensson;
Rebecka Johansson,
Linn Andersson
and Berit Horsted Rasmussen.

Within the next fue days we will have a konstituerande möte and will get our selfs organised. We know a lot of you are wainting for our plan regarding the Celebration especially. We are covering the developement of Covid-19 and will be taking decisions with consideration of the pandemic.


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