NSBAs Board

Board of 2022

President Linda Hansson
+46-704-365 460
Vice President Linn Andersson 80388901_10156502670361254_5655640564897415168_n
Secretary Christel Svensson 72560205_2393130690755899_6398769666310799360_o
Treasurer Linda Bengtsson
Commissioner Rebecka Johansson 67186852_2599838066707264_6986305511478001664_o
Commissioner Louise Karlsson
Alternate Victor Kvarnström
Alternate Ida Staaf

–  If you have any questions about our work or NSBA Scandinavia, do not hesitate! Get in contact with any of us and we will help you out the best we can.

Revisor Natalie Andersson
Revisorssuppleant Susanne Karlsson
Valberedning Sofie Wedberg

Mia Eriksson

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