NSBA Scandinavia

Alike our mother-organisation, NSBA USA, NSBA Scandinavias purpose is to promote and improve the quality of not only Western Pleasure and Hunter Under Saddle in Scandinavia, but also other performance classes which requiers horses with good gaits.

NSBA Scandinavia wants to encourage riders who has interest in this type of classes to show and improve, but also to breed and show horses with a higher quality to perform in these classes.

NSBA USA experienced a very successful beginning in 1983 with fast growing numbers of members. NSBA Scandinvaia was establised nearly twenty years later, in 2000, but just as much of a success!

NSBA Scandinavia is still a growing association with members from Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Showmanagments arrange NSBA classes in all of Scandinavia to satisfy their competiors interests.

Since 2013 NSBA Scandinavia has arranged one annual show, NSBA Scandinavia Celebration. This show is still showing growing numbers, both horses and entries.

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