Onlineshow 2021

During 2021 we will offer three online shows.

Part 1 is all ready finished and had 18 enteries.

Part two will beheld in late august

Part three will be held later during the fall

Below you will find results from the online show 2021.

Part one

Part two

Part three

Results for the younghorsecup held during the year

Younghorsecup Onlineshow 2021
Show 1Show 2Show 3Total
Clara Wihlsson Wisely Given Grace333+333+133=25
Matilda Källström JQH My Heaven Sent222+222+322=19
Elin Sundqvist My Showgun dun It111+111+211=10

In the non-pro cup we only had one entry, Jeanette Almen & Zippin to the canyon.

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