Online show

NSBAs onlineshow is running in between 5-25 October 2020. AnnouncementDownload Patterns Instructions for longelineDownload Showmanship AllbreedDownload Showmanship NSBADownload Trail-in-hand AllbreedDownload Trail-in-hand NSBADownload Distance for trail-patternsDownload

YEA 2020

We want to make you members aware that no year end Awards Winner will be crowded for 2020. The board made this decision due to the situation vid COVID-19 going on. With only one "real show" running this year there's no reason to have a YEA. Purpose of the YEA is to crown the best... Fortsätt läsa mer →

Forehand news

We plan to offer our members the chance to show their young-guns in an online Young-horse cup. We're working on the details and will let you know more as soon as we can!


Due to the situation with COVID-19 the board decided to make a time limited offer. The offer runs out the 31st of July. Get 2 years membership for the price of 1,5 year. For those of you whom already have paid your membership for 2020 you can just add the "halfprice fee" to apply to... Fortsätt läsa mer →

Celebration is canceled!

NSBA SCANDINAVIA CELEBRATION 2020 is CANCELED! The board compared pros and cos to eachother and decided to cancel the Celebration for 2020. Due to the unsecure situation with Corona and risks with this edpidemic we made the decision to cancel the show with everyones sercurity and upcoming conseqvenses this situation may cause everyone. We hope... Fortsätt läsa mer →

Yea- ranking

For those of you who who were at the annual meeting this is no news. But for everyone else, here you go. The YEA ranking för 2019 is published! Click here!

Annual meeting

Meeting will be held at Smedtorps Ridsportscenter with the adress Ridsportallén 5, 585 97 Linköping 25th of january 2020 It will be a day with meeting for several associations. Kl.10 NSBA kl 11 SQHA kl 12 SPHA kl 13 Föreläsning – Reining i Ridsportsförbundet kl 14 SRHA

Danish PaintChampionships

Moneyearnings- from the last show of the year offering NSBA classes. Danish Painthorse Championships Vejle, Denmark Earnings inSEK NSBA Western Pleasure Nonpro Lazy White Loper Pernilla Berndtsson 429,71 kr NSBA Hunter Under Saddle Open Dressed Like Romeo Jennifer Sandstrom 429,71 kr NSBA  Trail in hand 1&2yr old Open Cowboyz Watch Out Dora Gocze 386,31 kr... Fortsätt läsa mer →

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