Why show NSBA?

When showing in NSBA classes competitors compete about prizemoney, no matter how many entries there are in the class.

Accordingly the NSBA USA-rulebook always at least 55% of the entry fees are to be returned to competitors in the class. Remaining 45% is to cover expenses for the showmanagement.

Since NSBA Scandinavia is keen on to make the best for our members this 55%-limit is not an option, but a demand from NSBA USA. In order for an NSBA USA member to credit their win in to the international ranking when showing in Scandinavia this is a requirement.

To show NSBA classes in Scandinavia rider and owner(s) must be a member of NSBA USA or NSBA Scandinavia.

It may be most common, but its not only Quarter and Paints showing in NSBA-classes. If you have a horse registered with any of the recognized breed associations your welcome to show in NSBA.

Recognized Breed organisations are following

  • AQHA,
  • APHA, regular and solid
  • ApHC
  • PtHA (Stock and Hunter type only)
  • IBHA
  • ABRA
  • PBHA
  • POA
  • The Jockey Club.

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