You may have found your way here and find our sport so much fun and interesting, LUCKY YOU!  For sure we hope you stay with us in NSBA Scandinavia but we understand if you or your loved ones want to try anything else.

Westernriding is so much more than we offer in NSBA. You can compare us to a family, and NSBA is the sibbling in care of performance-classes; such as Western Pleasure, Hunter under Saddle, Trail and Western Riding – where the gaits of the horses are important. NSBA Scandinavia is a affliateorganisaton of the original organisation in the US, visit their webpage at

One of our sibblings cares of the reining; putting the slides, the circles and the rollbacks first. Visit the Swedish Reining Association at

We have more sibblings, one of them care about horses that likes cattlework and to cut some calfs. Visit the Swedish Reined Cowhorse Association at

But we have to say that our ”Mom” and ”Dad” in this family is our two biggest breedassociations, The Swedish Quarter Horse Association and The Swedish Paint Association. To find out more about our fantastic horses and their characther, visit or

Even though our biggest concern in NSBA is to keep you with us, cause of course, to us this is the most fun in the world, but we understand if you might find a little more speed or cutting some cows more exciting. The world would be quite boring place if we all though the same, right? We’re just as happy as long as you stay in the family of westernriding!

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