Showmanagement Scholarship

NSBA-S Show Secretary Scholarship

In Scandinavia there are to few people who have the experience and are acknowledged by AQHA to run the showoffice at a breed shows. Therefore NSBA-S has instituted a scholarship.

We would like to give  our members the opportunity to apply for the NSBA-S Show Secretary Scholarship. NSBA-S is offering to pay for attendance fees and travel expenses in a total amount of maximum 10.000 SEK.
Requirement 1: Membership in the NSBA-S
Qualification 1: Experience from Showing
Qualification 2: Experience from running Shows, in any capacity
Motivation: Please describe why you should be granted the scholarship
Expected expenses: Detail your request (you will be required to send Original Receipts and Tickets to NSBA-S afterwards or a refund will be required)

Please send your application to the secretary of the NSBA-S Linda Hansson at


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