1&2 yr old classes

NSBA Scandinavia want to promote breeding and showing young horses therefore, a 1&2 yr old cup is established. We believe it is beneficial to the young guns to learn to show in their own conditions. To make if fun for everyone a cup containing the following classes if offered.

Showmanship at Halter
Alike a ordinary Showmanship; but open for all exhibitors, including open riders. It is designed to judge the showmanship skills of the exhibitors. Judges evaluate the grooming and fitting of the horse, and expertise of the exhibitor in presenting the horse. Each exhibitor is required to perform a pattern designed by the Judge with emphasis on preciseness of pattern and degree of confidence exhibited by the showman.

The purpose of showing a young horse in longeline is to show its movement, attitude and confirmations to become a showhorse later in life. In Longeline horse is judges based on weather it is a pleasure- or huntertyp of horse. The class is divided into to parts; first part is inspection were horses confirmation is judged,  second part is longeing were horse is being lunged in 90 seconds. It is the handlers responsibility to show the horse in both directions and all three gaits.

Trail in hand
Just like the name of the class reveals it is trail in hand; exhibitors guide the horse through a trail pattern form the ground.  As in ordinary trail horses willingness to be guided around the course is judged.

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