Celebration 2022

First entrylists are published!

Patterns are here! Mönstren är här!

You will be able to order hay for delivery on showsite. Fill in application below and we’ll make sure there is hay to pick up when you arrive Grevagården.

Ride the pattern- clinic INFORMATION
Ride the pattern- clinics are a non-riding clinic approx. 30minutes per class. Clinicans have one or two riders/handlers, if they wish, to show and visualize how the pattern should be executed the best way according to their experience. The rest will be seated in the stands.

The clinics will be held in the showarena, participants are to be seated in stands! Since this is the first time we arrange with this type of thing, pattern which will be presented is the Walk&trot/Novice patterns. We hope this will be appreciated and a concept we can develope to next year.

Showmanship, Horsemanship & Hunt Seat Equitation are held Wednesday evening after the PWU.
Trail are held Thursday after the PWU.

Ride the pattern-clinicen är en avsutten clinic i ungefär 30 minuter per gren. Clinicören har en eller två demonstratörer till hääst i de fall de önskar, som kan visa hur mönstret bäst ska genomföras utifrå deras expertis. Övriga deltagare sitter på läktaren.

Clincen håll i tävlingsarenan, deltagare sitter på läktaren. Eftersom detta är första gången vi arrangerar denna typ av clinic så kommer walk&trot/novice mönster presenteras. Vi hoppas att det är ett uppskattat koncept ooch något vi kan utveckla till nästa år.

Showmanship, Horsemanship och HuntSeatEquitation äger rum på onsdag kväll efter Paid-warmups.
Trail äger rum på torsdag kväll efter Paid-warmups.

Last entry date has passed, you still may enter but to an additional fee of 300SEK.
While we progress recived entries, check out or sponsors! (There’s a ongoing update!)


Finally! We got a announcement and showbill for you peeps longing for showing! Entryform and patterns will follow!

On this site you’ll be able to find all information about NSBA Scandinavia Celebration 2022 along with the progress of the show. When finished yo will here find the showbill and announcement along with other information.

The great facility Grevagården in between Skövde and Falköping is booked for the Celebration.
The show will be held 2nd-5th of June 2022.
We are happy to have judges booked for the show – the always smiling Rick and his wife Maj Britt LeMay has accepted our proposal to come and judge the celebration.

After canceling both 2020 and 2021 we hope to be able to run Celebration again in 2022. We aim to run another show with the great atmosphere that use to be at our annual show.

Do you want to join out show as a fait trade participant? Contact the board.

Do you want to profile your company as a sponsor? Contact the board.

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