Celebration 2020

We decided to cancel celebration in 2021 to due to the, by then, the unsecure situation. We hope to run the show like before in 2022.

Here you’ll find the feed of news regarding the NSBA Scandinavia Celebration 2020

Show date 4-7th of June 2020

Kumlegaard, Roskilde, DENMARK

FAQ about hauling horses in Denmark



The board compared pros and cos to eachother and decided to cancel the Celebration for 2020. Due to the unsecure situation with Corona and risks with this edpidemic we made the decision to cancel the show with everyones sercurity and upcoming conseqvenses this situation may cause everyone. We hope this will come to an end very soon and that the planned shows for the fall will be able to be ran without issues.

We decided not to postpone the Celebration with already planned shows in mind. We do not want to ruin the showcalender for either competitors nor other showmanagements by postponing our show.

We wish our memers, non-members and everyone else – take care, stay safe and healty!





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