Celebration 2023

This page will as the process proceeds contain information about the NSBA Scandinavia Celebration 2023.

A Schedule for timeslots for paid warm-up trail on wednesday has been published of frontpage. NOTE that we added another hour of paid warm up trail on Wednesday and it starts at 4 pm (16.00)!!!

The complete patternbook is published since two weeks back, make sure there are no changes to your patterns if you already printed it.

An awesome menu is put together, don’t miss amazing food.

A site where results will be posted has been published, you find a link on frontpage.
Patternbook has been posted before last entryday, and last entryday has been to stadard fees. you still may enter to an additional fee off 400 SEK. 81 horses is enterd to the show this far and we’re looking forward to this success!

A giveaway has been published on our facebook page- take you chance to win a free stall for the weekend!
On request for out exhibitors we have added W&T Novice Horse Western pleasure, check out the new showbill! Its published on frontpage!

Entryform is online! Last entry day without additional late fee is May 2nd!

Showbill and announcement is here and published on frontpage! Entryform will follow shortly.
Make sure you also enter your booking of hay if you want to purchase hay on site. Also enter you time of arrival and we will make sure there’s enough on site upon arrival.

Preliminary showbill is here! Note this showbill is not yet approved with it’s American association- changes may occur!

You may have vacay from work hanging with family and friends and so does the board – but we have a week for you to mark your calendar for 2023.
We will arrange the celebration week 22 – as we done for the past ten years, (we don’t consider the two corona years) in this ten year celebration.
We plan for a four-day show 1st-4th of June 2023 – so mark you calendar give your vacay-notice to your manager and start getting your horse in shape.

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