Breaking news!

We have some new for you guys, some sad and some happy.

To begin with we, the board of NSBA Scandinavia 2021, has decided to cancel Celebration 2021. With the, still unsecure, situation with Covid-19 and also an outbreak of EHV-1, we felt it was a really unsecure sitition for all of us! We want to offer you and your horse secure way of showing and felt that we couldn’t meet up to that standard with the sitution as it is now.

We might have a better situation in June, for sure, but it is to unpredictible we couldn’t take the chance. With the procedure of appliyng for shows, booking judges, trips and so on we decided it was the best to cancel for 2021. Belive us, we are really sad to tell you this but it’s for the best to all of us as of now.

To the happy news, we plan to offer you multiple onlineshows this year. The first one is just around the corner, the last details are to be set, and we’re up and running! So prepare you gameset and keep your eyes open for upcoming information.


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