NSBA Europe

As a member showing NSBA in Scandinavia you probably already are aware of the benefits of showing NSBA- prizemoney Year End-points and showing cross-border between breeds. Now the possibility to do so in Europe is expanding. A tremendous amount of work has been put in to make a NSBA Europe to take place. By a... Continue Reading →

New system for the YEA-ranking

A couple of years ago the system of counting the Year End Award-ranking changed to be more accurate since nsba they were growing in Denmark and the system.of counting payout didn't seem fair with the difference in accuracy. The USA-way of counting has been used for a few years now and evaluated. The board didn't... Continue Reading →

We have kicked off 2023

The general meeting har taken place followed by a constitutive meeting. The general meeting elected their president for the association to once again be Linda Hansson and a familiar face as their paymaster. Maria Karlsson has for the year of 2023 responsibility for the economic part. At the constitutive meeting the new board elected positions... Continue Reading →

General meeting invitation

Invitation to our members to join the general meeting!Closing the book of 2022 and opening the book of 2023. Join us through digital meeting 26th of February at 3pm. Propositions should be sent to the board no later than 5th of February! Link to connect will follow!

Paint Championship payouts

Last show of the year are in the books and payouts are presented below. It is beneficial to show NSBA if not earning the whole class fee you may earn a part of it back depending on your placement and total entries in the class. Horse Rider/Handler Earnings SEK NSBA All Age Non Pro Showmanship... Continue Reading →

Ekonomisk rapport Celebration

2022 – ett år där många föreningar tampats med svårigheter att genomföra tävlingar – många föreningar har fått ställa in, andra föreningar har haft lågt antal anmälda vilket har gett lite utrymme i budgeten.Celebration 2022 var en tävling där vi hade en stram budget redan innan inom föreningen. Styrelsen har varit transparanta med den ekonomiska... Continue Reading →

NSBA Scandinavia Celebration payout

Trail together with showmanship was the biggest NSBA classes during the Celebration weekend. Some rider finances their whole weekend of showing by entering NSBA classes since they earned alot of money during the show showing in NSBA classes. Horse Rider/Handler Earnings SEK NSBA All Age Non Pro Showmanship At Halter Zippin to the Canyon Jeanette... Continue Reading →

The Jälla-show payouts

Payout from the Jälla show is presented below! Horse Rider/Handler Earnings NSBA Showmnaship Nonpro Dannys Rebel Star Jessica Sandervig 247,00 kr Zippin to the Canyon Jeanette Sjöstran 165,00 kr NSBA Hunt Seat Equitation Nonpro Zippin to the Canyon Jeanette Sjöstrand 165,00 kr Dannys Rebel Star Jessica Sandervig 110,00 kr NSBA Nonpro Trail Zippin to The... Continue Reading →

Payouts for Kumlegaard Spring Celebration

The Kumlegard show has finnished and there are the payouts for this weekend with tremedous amout of added money in open and non-pro classes! The payouts are massive even though the amount of enteries were limited. Horse Rider/Handler Earnings DKKNSBA All Age Non Pro Showmanship At HalterCowboyz R Hot Roger Snall 1 582,80 DKKOne Original... Continue Reading →

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