Younghorse cup expands to involve 3-yr olds!

Based on several member requests the board has decided to expand the NSBA Scandinavia Young Horse Cup (previously available for 1&2 year old horses) with 3 year olds. At every show offering the NSBA Scandinavia Young Horse Cup show management will have to offer 3 classes with combined age divisions:

1-2 & 3 year Old Shwomanship
1-2 & 3 year Old In Hand Trail
1-2 & 3 year Old Longe Line

These classes will be held in a ”class in class” system, where the judges will deliver their placings of the class and show management will separate the placings into age groups and announce placings for Yearlings, 2 year olds and 3 year olds respectively. This means that you’re only competing against horses of the same age. The intention is to have big classes, include everyone and create fair competition without taking up precious time from the show by holding several young horse classes.

3 year old horses competing in the Young Horse Cup aren’t allowed to enter any riding classes at the same show. They’re allowed to be ridden at the show grounds (unless show management decides otherwise) but they aren’t allowed to enter any paid warm up, allbreed, NSBA or breed classes at the same show.

The NSBA Scandinavia Young Horse Cup results will be combined (1-2 &3 year olds together) where the highest point earning horse will be the winner independent of their age. This applies to the NSBA Scandinavia Year End Awards as well. (No year end Awards will be for showyear 2020, due to only one ”real show” due to Covid-19.)

Show management offering these classes should make sure to hand out 3 sets of ribbons pr class and to inform judges to put all their placings on the judge card, placing the whole class. The show announcer should be prepared and ready to separate the results for each age group when ribbons are handed out.

First to offer this is the DKQHA Danish Championships in September!


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