YEA 2020

We want to make you members aware that no year end Awards Winner will be crowded for 2020.

The board made this decision due to the situation vid COVID-19 going on. With only one ”real show” running this year there’s no reason to have a YEA.

Purpose of the YEA is to crown the best horse during the year, not the best horse during one show. This pretty much speaks for it self that there would be no reason for crowning a YEA for 2020.

With that being said we’re still happy that at least one show offering NSBA in 2020 is running!

We wish for the DKQHA will have a successful show in September with what ever it might bring in restrictions and regulations etc.

And for those of you who wonder, the YEA for 2019 planns to be handed out at Celebration 2021.


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