NSBA Europe

As a member showing NSBA in Scandinavia you probably already are aware of the benefits of showing NSBA- prizemoney Year End-points and showing cross-border between breeds. Now the possibility to do so in Europe is expanding.

A tremendous amount of work has been put in to make a NSBA Europe to take place. By a group of people dedicated to our American sport the initiative has been taken and thanks to that, you will have more possibilities to show NSBA in Europe this year.

This far we are aware of the following shows offering NSBA Classes in Europe;
-Euro Summit Circuit in Peelbergen, Netherlands
-NSBA European Congress, Netherlands
-DQHA- NRW Mid-Season Show, Germany
-DQHA- NRW Low Budget Show in Seppenrade, Germany
-DQHA- NRW West Futurity in Schermbeck, Germany

Additional shows will probably show up but this is as we know right now.

You can show in Europe on your NSBA Scandinavia Membership but in difference from our Scandinavian shows you will need to register your horse with the NSBA USA. In general this requires a USA membership but as long as your Scandinavia membership is valid you can register your horse regardless. NSBA USA will offer a free membership during 2023 when register your horse. All horses no matter it’s breed can register with NSBA, all they need is a microchip and a horsepassport with a verified age.

You register your horse here!

If you have any questions about this, please get in touch with the board!


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