Due to the situation with COVID-19 the board decided to make a time limited offer. The offer runs out the 31st of July.

Get 2 years membership for the price of 1,5 year.

For those of you whom already have paid your membership for 2020 you can just add the ”halfprice fee” to apply to the offer.

This means that until the 31st of July you will have the opporturnity to get your membership in order all the way until 31st of December 2021.

With this offer you pay as a open/non-pro rider you pay a total of 450 sek.
As a youth rider you pay 300sek and as a family 1050sek.

For those of you who already paid your fee you pay aditional 150sek as a open/non-pro, 100sek as a youth and 350sek as a family.

Note that this is a timelimited offer and only applies until the 31st of July.


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