Ready, set, SHOW….or?

Naaah, not really. Do you really have everything set for showseason yet?

Horse is healthy and well trained

You are healthy and well trained

Applied for vaccation at work

Trailer is set and ready to roll

Tack is polished and ready to shine

Hat is shaped and boots are cleaned

□ Memberships in order

Remember to pay your memberships on time, is saves our showoffices a lot of time to have it done before the show. Help them out and have it arranged before you even enter the show and you will be popular with the showofficepeople.

Here is the Membershipapplication, fill it out and send it to Linda.


  • Open /Non-pro: 300 SEK/year
  • Youth: 200 SEK/year
  • Family (2 Open/Non-pro + youths, must be living at same address): 700 SEK/year

New for 2019!
You can now pay your membership for  several years at one time!

  • 3-years 750 SEK
  • 5-years 1200 SEK
  • Lifetime membership 5000 SEK



You know? If you have your membership paid before the annual meeting, Swish on site is ok, AND join the meeting you will be in the raffle of a free stall at NSBA Scandinavia Celebration 2019. 



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