NSBA Celebration 2018.

Announcement, Show Bill and Entry Form are now published. There is a lot of new things added to the show and we hope you really welcome these changes! Looking forward to seeing you!

Youth and Novice Classes included…

During the years we have had more and more newcomers and youth asking to participate, now there is an opportunity for that

Complimentary Saturday Night Dinner

Old traditions, we all (the older ones of us) look back to the good old days when we all gathered together and had dinner and celebrated. Now in conjunction with establishing a Medal Ceremony for Scandinavian Champion we want to reinstate this tradition, and we invite you all (members) to participate. We look forward to seeing you

Weekend Cards (Meeting Card)

All you can ride June 7-10 for one horse & one rider combination. Paid Warm up, All Breed and NSBA classes not included. At 1200kr for either AQHA or APHA classes. For double registered Horses it’s 1800kr for both APHA and AQHA.

Bonus on Weekend Card if entered and paid early.

If you have entered more than two NSBA classes and want to show even more in the APHA and AQHA we recommend you enter and pay early,  then you will bi awarded a 300kr bonus

Extra Ribbons and Medals for Scandinavian Champion

classes have now grown so big at this show that we find it a little cheep to only give out three ribbons, therefor we have established a new procedure of giving our gold, silver and bronze-ribbons in addition to the traditional maroon ribbons that now is awarded to fourth, fifth and sixth.

Free Photos to all participants

John Jensen from taselvfoto.dk is coming to the show. Together with him we have agreed to make all the Photos available for our participants for free. It wil surely take John a while to get the photos published 😉 as there are so many participants, but we really look forward to this opportunity for you all to share your experience also in a picturesque way, with your friends.

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