Walk and Trot

Yes now you got the opportunity to show Walk and Trot. And you then need to know what rules apply. And W/T-rules are focused on the rider, its not about what the horse can or can’t do.


-Rider needs a Walk Trot Card.

-Rider can only start in Walk/Trot-classes at this show. (You can be a handler in events including Lope: LL)

-Rider can shift to ordinary ”Nov Am” or ”Am” later in the year (next show), and can then go back to W/T next year, you are only allowed to shift once in a year. –

Rider can start in W/T Showmanship (walk only), W/T Western Pleasure, W/T Trail, W/T Hunter under Saddle, W/T Hunt Seat Equitation.

And then also in ordinary Showmanship, Halter, In Hand Trail and Longe Line. All points count towards Awards, Titles and APHA also have W/T classes at their World Show.


-Rider can mix and match. That is you can enter W/T Pleasure and then ordinary Trail w lope. But once you have entered the ”ordinary” Trail you can’t enter the W/T Trail. And you can have another mix at another show.

-Riders need no special W/T-License just their ordinary Amateur/Nov Amateur License.

-Riders can start in: W/T Western Pleasure, W/T Western Horsemanship, W/T Trail, W/T Hunter under Saddle and W/T Hunt Seat Equitation Walk/Trot points does not count towards year End Awards or High Point, nor does AQHA have W/T classes at their World Show.

All Breed

We intent to work by the AQHA rules for All Breed.


Does not have W/T classes.

According to the above, ANYONE and EVERYONE, no matter the reason, are welcome to show W/T!

Question and Answers:

– What happens if I unintentionally double-enter? – You will be DQ in the W/T!

– Can my Horse go both W/T Western Pleasure and then Western Pleasure with another rider? – Yes!

– Can I ride one horse in W/T Trail and another one in ordinary Trail? No, it’s all about the Rider being W/T-rider or not.


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