Year-End Award Sponsors

The week before Easter a sponsorletter for Year End Award trophys was sent out to companies who has sponsored NSBA Scandinavia before. Already one class is sponsored for the showseason of 2018. Edit 4:19pm; two classes is taken.  Open                                ... Fortsätt läsa mer →

Participation at the Show Management Seminar

This weekend Yvonne P Lundgren and Kim Welin are participating in the AQHA, APHA, and NSBA Show Management Seminar in Frankfurt. We are happy that they decided to go. And also proud that we, the NSBA-S, could support their effort through a scholarship.

Show calender updated!

A lot of shows are offering NSBA-classes this year, make sure you check them out in our showcalender. There you also find showbills, propsitions and entry form if they are published.   Happy weekend to you all NSBA's out there!  

NSBA Celebration 2018.

Announcement, Show Bill and Entry Form are now published. There is a lot of new things added to the show and we hope you really welcome these changes! Looking forward to seeing you! Announcement Showbill Entry Form Patterns Youth and Novice Classes included... During the years we have had more and more newcomers and youth... Fortsätt läsa mer →

NSBA Celebration 2017

We are so happy for all the positive feedback we are getting! Thank you all! Everyone involved: riders, grooms, helpers, families, show management, sponsors and audience should be very proud of our NSBA Celebration! For the second year in a row we were up some 20 horses. I believe we can proudly say we are... Fortsätt läsa mer →

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